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Most nursing licensure boards accept courses that are provided by organizations that are accredited by other state licensure boards, by ANCC, or by organizations that have been designated as an approver of continuing education by ANCC.

However, California requires that courses taken within the state must be accredited by that state’s licensure board. Florida requires that certain courses, AIDS and Domestic Violence, be provided by organizations that are accredited by the Florida Board of Nursing. Kentucky also requires that certain courses, Aids and Domestic Violence, be accredited by the Kentucky Board of Nursing.

CEUFast, Inc. is accredited to provide nursing continuing education by the:

  • CEUFast, Inc. is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.
  • Florida Board of Nursing, FBN #50-353.
  • California Board of Registered Nursing, CEP#13509.
  • Approved Provider for online courses for Certified Nurse Assistant Continuing Education by the California Department of Public Health, Aide & Technician Certification Section NAC #7032.
  • Approved Provider for Certified Nurse Assistants by the District of Columbia Board of Nursing Assistive Personnel. Provider number #50-353.
  • Alabama Board of Nursing #ABNP1485.

CEUFast is approved for the following courses:

CEUFast is also approved to provide specific courses for the following professions:

The following is a list to assist you in determining your licensure requirements. For more detail, please contact your licensure board. For general requirement information and licensure board contact information visit our State Board FAQ.

Alabama 24 24 All
Alaska 30 30 All
Arizona None None --
Arkansas 15 15 All
California 30 30 All
Colorado None None --
Connecticut None None --
Delaware 30 24 All
District of Columbia 24 18 All
Florida 24 24 All
Georgia 40 40 Some
Hawaii None None --
Idaho None None --
Illinois 20 20 All
Indiana None None --
Iowa 36 36 All
Kansas 30 30 All
Kentucky 14 14 Some
Louisiana 15 15 All
Maine None None --
Maryland None None --
Massachusetts 15 15 All
Michigan 25 25 All
Minnesota 24 12 All
Mississippi None None --
Missouri None None --
Montana None None --
Nebraska 20 20 All
Nevada 30 30 All
New Hampshire 30 30 All
New Jersey 30 30 All
New Mexico 30 30 All
New York 3 3 All
North Carolina 30 30 All
North Dakota 12 12 All
Ohio 24 24 All
Oklahoma 24 24 All
Oregon 7 hour pain mngt N/A
Puerto Rico 36 36 12
Pennsylvania 30 0 All
Rhode island 10 10 All
South Carolina 30 30 All
South Dakota None None --
Tennessee None None --
Texas 20 20 All
Utah 30 30 All
Vermont None None --
Virginia 30 30 All
Virgin Islands 15 15 All
Washington 45 45 All
West Virginia 12 24 All
Wisconsin None None --
Wyoming 20 20 All


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